Let me introduce myself, then.

I was born and grown up in Osaka city, my birthday is on September 21, 1984.
My parents have brought me up well, so I think I was fortunate enough to grow up in comfort.

I have studied any program language since 7 age.
As it is now, I can code a lot of languages.
For example, N88-Basic, VBA, C, VC#, Java, Ruby, Mathematica, Fortrun, TeX and the others.

My dream was to become a programer since then.
But not just a programmer. It became a programer who can also understand hardware.
Therefore, I have chosen the university that there are some mechanical engineering subject.
My department was "Electric of Light". It means a quantum LSI.
It will be installed to the computer in the future.

I have worked two parttime job when I was a student.
One had been a cook in restaurant for six years.
Two had been the lecturer of a cram school for two years.

And now, I have married a girl friend who has associated since university student.
I am same age with my wife.

Then, I introduce my wife.
She is very pretty. because she has a baby-faced for my liking.
She had worked a parttime job of the lecturer, too.
We met here.
After work, we ate dinner(midnight snack) near workplace everytime.
So, we got to know deeply each other.

[Note:my wife's comment]

A husband is obstinacy.
He was prepossessed with the notion of his own cool.
He is thick hair and bristle.
But I am deeply very attached to him.

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